Together, We can do more!

It is hard to put into words what the DMF has done/meant to me. When you are diagnosed with cancer, you have to deal with that and the physical/mental symptoms that accompany that. What you don’t realize initially is the immediate financial burden that it imposes on someone like me. Forced to retire unexpectedly, no money coming in for several months, well, you can imagine or maybe not! DMF removed that heavy burden for me at a most important time in my life which allowed me to concentrate on my health. A God send, forever grateful

Liz Russo – In Loving Memory of our brave friend, she fought with grace and courage!

Blessed to be Survivors…Honored to be a part of the “family”…..Devoted to help continue the fight. Love you all and God Bless

– Shelbi Hartman. (Daughter)

– Michele Calogero ( Mother)

Hodgkins Disease Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
2012 & 2014 Recipients

Both Past Beneficiaries!