Hi, I’m Tenicha. I am proud to share my son’s journey as he fights cancer.
I hope my son’s story will inspire everyone to see how meaningful life is.

My son, Frankie is 2 years old! The past 6 1/2 months of our lives have been riddled with stress, pain, depression, and financial strain. What doctors thought was a horrible case of strep throat, was actually a developing brain cancer tumor. He went from a rambunctious, healthy little boy, to one who couldn’t walk, talk, eat, or play. After the third trip to the ER in two days, Frankie was diagnosed with sarcoma of the brain in August 2023, a very rare and aggressive brain cancer. He is only 1 of 3 children in the tri state area to have fought this type of cancer.

Frankie began his treatment with emergency surgery at CHOP, biopsy of the tumor, subsequent results, and a treatment plan of Chemotherapy and radiation. To most everyone’s surprise, he was up and walking after 3 days of his surgery! He completed chemotherapy on December 5, 2023. He is currently going through radiation treatment. He is a walking miracle!

Although we may not look like what we’ve been through, we took a hit financially. I had to take a leave of absence from work. Doctors copays, medical bills, gas, and credit card bills piled up to pay for “all things cancer”. Your donation is absolutely a God send! This will be a chance for us to get on our feet as Frankie finishes his radiation and embarks on the journey ahead! We will be able to finally stock up on groceries, pay off medical bills, and have much needed and appreciate relief from the daily stress. I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am! We appreciate your help so much! Thank you for everything!

So I ask you today to give a charitable donation to the Denise Marie Flaherty Foundation to help those fighting cancer and to help those fight the side effects.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and generosity.